Is This The Next NAV? Lil He77 Drops “Chrome Heart Dreams”

The underground brown boy Lil He77 (@lilhe777) dropped his dope track "Chrome Heart Dreams" posted on all streaming services. The melodic rapper has made a name for himself ever since he dropped his most popular track called "Lie on me" which has 2.2 million on Youtube. Lil He77 has been compared to NAV over the months due to the talk about 'Brown Boys' being next up and putting on for their homeland. But the song Chrome Heart Dreams is sitting at 23k on Youtube and 58.5k on Soundcloud . The song was very like by fans and well made by the artist, as most of his songs heard he continues to keep a melodic flow which is catchy for listeners, as well for the beat. The track was produced by Fritz Mixed (@fritzmixed) a close friend to Lil He77.


If I had to rate this track I would have to give it a 8.3/10, as the song was catchy and very playlist worthy to be heard by many repeatedly. The song basically spoke about heartbreak, fashion, and money. Which can be heard in almost all his other songs which is why fans compared the artist to NAV. But nonetheless Lil He77 doesn't plan on stopping his streak of music and plans to get his name heard out in the world more.

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