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Recently Swim the Shine launched his new record label and audio-visual arts platform Gun Raven, with the Stealth Mode EP: a darkly atmospheric, deep techno cut backed up with remixes from techno royalty Timo Maas.

Stealth Mode is a dark, hypnotic, deep techno cut, packed full of creeping synths and warped industrial tones, and comes back up with stellar remixes from techno royalty Timo Maas, who delivers two distinct reinterpretations, both of which crackle with electrifying intensity.

With the release out now, we caught up with the legendary Timo Maas for a chat.

Greetings Timo! Thank you so much for your time! Being present in the techno scene for many years, how would you say the scene has changed, both for the good and the not so good?

Hey, it’s nice to meet you.

Well.. big question. Everything has changed since I started playing records more than 40 years ago. The transition from analog to digital, the listening behaviour, the sales, revenue streams etc etc.

Things were getting more visible, commercial etc etc… with all its facets of pluses and minuses. Mainly a lot more if asked of artists. When it was 100% about music back in the days, its maybe 20-30 percent left of this, and the rest is marketing.  Nowadays the scene also divides between artists and performers… big difference in my opinion and also a very different approach.

How would you describe your particular style of techno? And do you think it has evolved over the years?

I leave usually the description to my listeners… generally I rather describe myself as a storyteller DJ, who takes people on a musical journey through electronic music in general, not into a particular style. Maybe deep, psychedelic techno, a trip! Whatever really, as long it rocks! 🙂

What can you tell us about your new remix of Stealth Mode –  how did you approach the parts from Swim the Shine?

When I heard the original material, I immediately had some ideas for reinterpretation. The original parts are v good. I like this for more open creativity in the remix process. This is also the reason why I made two remixes together with my man Mark Ulrich, who is also behind Apnoea and 2 Pole.

Where can we catch you playing in the coming months?

I am around all over Europe, US and South America the next months…keep your eyes and ears open.

Are you working on other new music?

Of course, I am a lot working on new stuff recently. There is new TM material coming up, and a brand new special collab with the legend Marc Romboy on several releases (the first one out on Systematic soon…more to come!)

I made a remix for latin Grammy nominee NOVALIMA, a famous electronic-afro-latin band from Lima in Peru which will be out on Nervous in April and another one for their new album is already in the making. The one will be out later this year for their 20th anniversary of the band.

A new collab is also in progress with the awesome Francesco Mami from Rimini. I really like the energy between us…we are both thinking pretty abstract, which I like a lot, no boundaries.

Terry Francis, long term resident of Fabric in London got the Timo treatment too and will be out on Analytic Rec in June too, and I’m also working with Robert Babicz on a new collab with some others protagonists of the scene. Finally Marc Romboy and I will also perform a few b2b sets this year….so plenty of material! Still hungry though 🙂

Which up and coming artists are currently on your radar that we should know about?

There is a whole new generation of fresh producers popping up after pandemia…watch out!!!

Is there anything else you would like to mention to our Only Techno community before you go?

Stay true to the spirit of techno in all its variations and honor the (great) DJ, no matter how big or small the name is. Keep our scene interesting and alive!

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