INTERVIEW: Rising Artist DJ Meetch Talks Inspiration Behind New “Upside Down” Single, Upcoming Projects + More

Fresh from the release of his tech house single, ‘Upside Down’, the talented Producer and DJ Meetch is joining us to take us behind the scenes of the release. As we gain an insider’s look into the inspirations, individual elements, and overall process of this new track, we discover more about Meetch’s approach towards music production, the creative and technical aspects of his workflow and what fans can expect next in his release schedule. So, join us as Meetch sits down for this enlightening RTT interview and be sure to stream his new single below as well.

DJ Meetch – Upside Down | Stream


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Hi, Meetch! Congrats on the release of ‘Upside Down’! What’s new?   

Thank you! Excited for this one. Nothing too much, just performing and creating!

Please share with us your inspiration and concept behind the track. What was the decision behind the title, ‘Upside Down’?

I wanted to create something super heavy that can instantly change the pace of a performance. This is one of those tracks that I feel would really change the energy. The “upside down” vocal sample fit the vibe of the song so I felt that should be the name.

What are some of your favorite moments in this track?  

I think the faster bass riff really makes you want to move faster and pick up the energy. So that’s my favorite piece to this one.

How would you describe ‘Upside Down’ to a new listener?  

This track is styled to keep the dancefloor peaked during the prime hours of the night. High energy and super fueled to keep people moving.

‘Upside Down’ delivers a compelling Tech House sound. How did you find ways to layer a potent bassline with percussive synths and beats, keeping the energy high throughout?  

I think it’s all about experimenting. Just going through different presets and samples over and over again until you know it feels right. When creating a song, it’s just about always trial and error. I wanted to make a track that makes people pick up the pace on the dance floor.

Did you experiment with any new bass and synth sounds in this piece?  

Not necessarily something brand new, but yes it was all about experimenting.

How did you go about ensuring the vocals shine through clearly in this energetic and dynamic production?

To ensure the vocal sounded clean and fresh, I focused on EQing other elements to make space for the vocals, applied subtle sidechain compression to the instrumental elements, and listened over and over and over again for a few days.

Did you learn anything new when creating this track? 

I really liked the faster tempo of this track so I might start upping the tempo in newer songs.

What about ‘Upside Down’ would you say epitomizes your signature sound? And how does it differ from your past releases?

I think it differs the most as it’s a little bit faster. But I don’t think it’s too fast to the point that people can’t keep up. I like to have variety in my tracks. I think it’s important to have a portfolio of options in a way. I used to make Big Room but it’s not really popular any more so I wanted to adapt. It has more of an electro synth feel in ‘Upside Down’, which slightly correlates to my robot brand. But otherwise, it’s just another cool song of the bunch!

Any new upcoming projects we can anticipate from Meetch? Thank you for sharing more with us on ‘Upside Down’!

Yes! I do have more of a schedule of releases coming out. The first one is May 17th and after that is June 21st. Many more to come after that too!

We finish our interview with Meetch by thanking him for his time and sharing an exclusive look behind the scenes of ‘Upside Down’. As he continues to maintain his creative motivation, we’re sure that Meetch will keep raising the bar, offering more captivating music for listeners to immerse themselves in soon. So, be sure to discover the high energy of ‘Upside Down’ for yourself and stay tuned for Meetch’s upcoming releases by following him across social media. 


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INTERVIEW: Rising Artist DJ Meetch Talks Inspiration Behind New “Upside Down” Single, Upcoming Projects + More

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