[Interview] Covex Talks About His Upcoming EP Luna on Seeking Blue

After releasing his debut album A Change of Perspective that amassed over 9 million streams on Spotify, Covex is dripping his new EP titled Luna on Seeking Blue. Most recently, his track ‘Step Forward’ brought us one step closer to this beautiful EP. We got a chance to speak with Covex personally to share more about his influences and upcoming EP. Check out the full interview below!

1) What was your inspiration for your new song ‘One Step Forward’?

I started “Step Forward” the first week I moved to LA from Denver. It was a really exciting time in my life and I actually made a lot of the ‘Luna’ EP tracks around then as well. The chorus lyrics came really quick which is rare for me, I remember tracking the vocals for the chorus the same day I started the song. I ended up sitting on it for a while until I could understand what the meaning was behind the lyrics. A few months later, I sat down with my writer friend, Austin, and the story came rushing in. It’s about chasing fame in this big city but realizing it won’t lead to a fulfilling life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the allure and excitement of it all, just one step forward and you could fall into it.

2) What was your driving motivation to create the Luna EP

The idea for the ‘Luna’ EP came from me wanting a collection of songs to represent my more heavy and dark side. It’s hard for me to stick to just one mood all the time, so this is a showcase of what the darker sound is for me. 

3) Who are your 3 biggest artist influences right now?

The 1975, Tourist, Skrillex

4) What would be your dream collaboration for Covex if you could choose any artist?

Everyone has probably said this but, Skrillex, hands down. 

5) Can you tell us about your experience and career evolving from an independent artist to now releasing an EP with Seeking Blue Records? What are some things that have shaped your career?

Hmm it’s been a long ride for sure and I still have so much further to go! I have released the majority of my music independently before I signed my first album with Moving Castle and now working with Seeking Blue on this new project. I think it was time to find a home base for my music and to have the help/involvement from a label has allowed me to spend more time crafting music instead of focusing on the business as much as I was prior. Having released music independently, I learned a lot about the business which has helped me with navigating the industry in a more diligent way. I’m so excited to continue working with Seeking Blue on this new project and there’s still so much more to come.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all of Covex‘s music as well as the new EP below!

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