Instagram Going Full Screen With New Updates

Instagram has been going through a lot of changes in the last 2 years. A lot of this has to do with the grand ascension of TikTok as the most rapidly growing form of social media out there. In 2020, Instagram made some decisions that put its users at concern. Remember when they moved the post button from the bottom to an obscure point near the top right? Well, they are putting that back at the bottom, along with a new shortcut for accessing messages. 

Instagram will also improve the ways photos appear, they will be switching to a fullscreen feed, which should clear the current cluttered situations of white negative space between photographs. There are a few more details of the update that have yet to be disclosed, but the way things are going, it seems that these days Instagram is just trying to catch up with TikTok and forgot what it was originally made for: Photos. 

Mark Zuckerburg was quoted saying: “photos are still an important part of Instagram”

Despite these words, photo creators are not compensated like video creators on the app. Algorithms are driving app users more toward video content all the time. Are we all meant to be subjected to the passive intake of video content? There are other forms of content that require more brain cells. (Obviously you are here reading this now, so you are not the problem.)

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