ilan Bluestone Finally Releases Remix For Chicane’s All-Time Classic ‘Saltwater’

Trance turned modern, yet still euphoric, melodic, and all things that are beautiful in this world.

It’s always a good day when a Trance classic gets a respectful update. One that is not invasive, and that cares for the original feeling of the track. That certainly is the case with this remix. We’ve been longtime fans of the Progressive Trance living legend that is ilan Bluestone, a guy who brought the genre into a new direction and laid the foundation for a whole era of Anjunabeats releases.

ilan’s captivating, almost hypnotising sound is one that is, by now, instantly recognisable as his. And that’s why we’re so excited for this release. Chicane‘s ‘Saltwater‘ is arguably one of the most genre-defining tracks in the history of Trance, ever. It’s always nice to see a proper remix, even more so when the remixer keeps it in the Trance family.

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Saltwater (ilan Bluestone Remix)

ilan’s opening track from the iconic ABGT450 celebration at The Drumsheds in London, and therefore an anthem of reunion and the meaning of dancers getting back together after a long hiatus, was none other than this remix. Talk about kicking off a set in style. If you know ‘Saltwater’ and you know ilan’s style, you know exactly what to expect. So, no surprise factor. Is that disappointing? Not in the slightest.

Groove all throughout, Bluestone’s rendition of a classic takes the bar, already high, and takes it up a few meters. Preserving the bass rhythm, the arpeggio from the original track, the chords, taking the vocals as pure as they come and fitting them inside the track, the work he’s done here is simply awe-inspiring. Enjoy the break preserving the original energy, as well, to culminate a tension hike expertly in ilan’s finest engineering fashion. There are no words that really live up to the quality and respect this song emanates, you have to listen yourself.

Listen to ilan Bluestone‘s remix of Chicane‘s classic ‘Saltwater‘ down below, should you wish to go on to Spotify. Otherwise, click here to fly over to YouTube, and click here to support the track on any other platform of choice.

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