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Hanaé is an explosive new artist for your radar this year. Unveiling her new single and video today for “All Of This,” the piece is an epic first glimpse into the world the artist. Throughout the track her heavenly voice takes us away with ambient melodies which float behind her. The debut for the artist, Hanaé quickly impresses with strong and sultry vocals, alongside whimsical instrumentation.

Hanaé is a producer, recording and performance artist born in Miami and based in New York City. Her work combines folk shintoism, survivalism, and organic technology, making use strings, electronics, and taiko drum to create music that’s been described as “Princess Mononoke meets Bjork.”


The debut single “All Of This” is f Hanaé’s upcoming EP, End to Begin, due in mid-2020, which deals with planning for a future full precarity, themes loss, solastalgia, and impending ecological collapse.


Hanaé has opened for Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Japanese Breakfast, Shea Diamond, and toured the world, playing keys for Cruel Youth.  She’s been featured on Zoom Lens’ artist, Exitpost’s recent album, Two Dreamers, and composed soundtracks for Augmented Reality pieces for the High Line and The Public Theater. The track was recorded with notable audio engineer Sabine Holler Barrie and Sessa, with Vin Ludford and Jordan Lee on strings, and Yoko Nakahashi on taiko drum. The video was created by Umico Niwa with a digital plant connected to facial tracking.

Let Hanaé take you away on her music and visual journey. Open your ears and your mind will do the rest. “All This,” is out today.
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