Gareth Emery Announces New THREEWAY Show Concept

Gareth Emery announces a 3 in one show that consists of 3 different unique sets of his. The show will be in London at the Ministry of Sound, a popular club that host big-name artist weekly. Gareth delivered the news on Thursday, June 10th, but the actual event will be Friday July 29th, 2022. Since the US has had some wonderful Gareth shows in the past few years, He’ll be focusing his attention towards his European fans.

If you are not in London or anywhere in Europe; do not feel left out. This special event is not a one time thing. There will be future shows afterwards and at new locations too. As far as those locations or dates go, they have not been announced. Gareth also mentioned:

“Full tour announce coming soon, but the first one will be in London at the legendary Ministry of Sound Club on July 29th. I know the UK’s got a bit short changed over the past few years with us launching a lot of the cool shows in the US, so this time the UK’s getting the debut.⁣⁣⁣”

– Gareth Emory (Facebook)

It sounds like there will be a whole tour of this new Gareth Emory. Let’s hope he crosses seas so we can all get a taste.

More about the show

Gareth says the shows will consist of a deep set, a classics set, and a hard set. The deep set will contain progressive trance & deep house. The classics will be all of our favorite signature tracks by him. Lastly, the hard set will pummel show attenders with drum & bass, Psychedelic trance, 140, and UK hardstyle. A perfect line up for the trance titan to show his talents, history, and musical touch.

Tickets for this event are on sale now. With it being the only one scheduled, it will most sell out quickly.

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