Fx Logik drops ‘Back To You’, a transformative musical voyage!

An influential figure in the genre of speed garage, Fx Logik drops a transformative musical voyage – ‘Back To You’ is marked by a powerful & evocative theme, woven into the realms of UK Garage & Bassline House.

At the core of ‘Back To You’ are soul-stirring vocals, weaving a tale of personal revival & re connection. Its lyrics, intentionally open-ended, encapsulate a poignant message & the production traverses across an array of sub-genres.

Collaborating with Huxley, a revered name in the UK’s musical landscape, ‘Back To You’ transcends boundaries & evokes a nostalgic nod – reminiscent of Daft Punk’s timeless vibes. Huxley brings his trademark sound on remix duties, whilst retaining the original’s unmistakable vocal hook – with the release having the hallmarks of a future sure-fire player.

Stay tuned, as ‘Back To You‘ lights up in the coming weeks.

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