France Eases COVID-19 Restrictions

Good news for French fans of EDM, as the country just lifted many of the COVID-19 restrictions related to music and events.

Previously capped at 75%, nightclubs and indoor concerts can now operate at 100% capacity and there are no longer restrictions on the number of attendees who can stand. This good news can be greatly attributed to Prodiss, the French live music association, who spent the last year or so campaigning against the French government to have the restrictions lifted.

Earlier this year, Prodiss organized an experimental concert dubbed Ambition Live Again alongside Paris hospital AP-HP. The experiment consisted of a test concert to assess the risks of COVID-19 transmission during large-scale events, in which guests are standing, not socially distanced, and indoors. The purpose of the study was to determine a safe health protocol for resuming music events as normal.

French artist Etienne de Crécy and band Indochine performed at the concert, held at the Accor Arena. Nicola Sirkis of Indochine made sure to emphasize their performance was strictly on a voluntary basis, and that they will not be getting paid.

“We were offered to participate in this unprecedented scientific experiment and we immediately volunteered to give hope to all this cultural sector, public, artists, technicians, producers of shows and festivals affected, so that tours and concerts resume as before. Indochine will play there on a voluntary basis, only the technicians will be paid.”

-Nicola Sirkis of Indochine

While restrictions have eased, the French government still recommends face masks for indoor events, and proof of vaccination or a negative test are still required to attend.

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