Floormagnet return with the timelessly formidable Música Electrónica available 7th June on Maesltrom Records / NewState Music !

The secretive Swedish six-piece are all excellent producers in their own right, each from a different musical background. Floormagnet united over a common love – synth music from late 70s and early 80s – electronic pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Human League and Yazoo that developed through KLF and labels such as Guerilla, UMM, Limbo, Hooj Choons, Deconstruction and Renaissance. Never before has a band had a name that fitted their music so well, their blend of pure electronic music magnetically attracting your feet to the dancefloor… and keeping them there.

Música Electrónica starts with a thumping moog bass kick and shaker, adding wave upon wave of classic synths every four bars, growing exponentially into a perfectly tuned electro juggernaut. The complexity in the composition and the cinematic size of the production will keep your ears intrigued until the very last beat of Música Electrónica followed by an immediate desire to play the track over.

If Giorgio Moroder produced Kraftwerk for 90’s Balearic dancefloors it would sound just like Música Electrónica. When you hear Música Electrónica for the first time, it would be easy to think that you have somehow missed an all-time classic from your collection. It’s that good.

Floormagnet tell us more: “Last summer, during a studio session in the beautiful countryside of northern Sweden, we started to reminisce about our times in Ibiza between 90-95. The music back then was something else. We put together the kick/beat, baseline, arpeggios, and the pluck melody. Almost simultaneously, we shouted ‘That’s It!’Aswe stood there jamming in the evening sun. Just as the barbecue was ready, the idea was also ready! We used a Moog Sub 37, TB-303, the little Roland S1 and a Hydra synth, with some nice plugins and Cubase.

With Música Electrónica we want to bring the crowd back in time to that awesome feeling and atmosphere on the dance floor – love, joy, and electronic music in the right environment. “Música electrónica soy tu droga” (Electronic music, I’m your drug).”

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