Facebook Removes ‘Like’ Button For Pages

Facebook has redesigned Pages with a huge change that most creators and public figures rely on to share their content. The social media platform has removed the ‘like’ button so creators can focus more on followers.

In the summer, it was reported that Facebook Pages would soon see a new update on its pages design. Recently, the popular platform announced that the redesign would begin on pages in the next coming months ahead.

The decision to remove the ‘like’ button was made due to the misrepresentation it can cause in relation to a page’s popularity. Followers at the time can like a page but can unfollow it to remove updates from their News Feed. Therefore, the removal of the button will bring followers back into the pages experience.

Other than the removal of the ‘like’ button, there are other significant changes being made to Facebook Pages. A new Q&A format will be added along with a dedicated News Feed. In addition, the look of pages will be updated and new tools will be added for creators.

The new Q&A feature will allow creators to take questions from followers and answer them. This will especially be useful for businesses that want to answer questions in fun ways. With the News Feed feature, a page will be able to interact with followers directly. In addition, it will suggest other pages and groups to interact with while discovering new trending content.

Users can find more information on the new Facebook Pages experience here.

Source: TechCrunch

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