[Event Review] Steve Angello Celebrates 20 Years of SIZE Records with Epic Performance at Brooklyn Mirage

Last Sunday Steve Angello put on a celebratory party for the 20th anniversary of SIZE Records at the Brooklyn Mirage. The Swedish House Mafia cofounder did not left off the gas at all during the 4 hour long magical performance. Sunday shows at Mirage always hold a special place in my heart, and this one I will remember for a long time. Steve Angello being one of the greatest producers/DJ’s at all time definitely adds to that statement, already becoming a dancefloor icon in the early 2010’s with his Swedish House Mafia run.

After opening sets from Zach Martino and RaeCola who thoroughly warmed the crowd up for Steve Angello to take the decks, the anticipation and excitement was buzzing through the air when the clock hit 8:30pm.

As Steve took the decks, the crowd was cheering and roaring as it reached a crescendo with him opening up with an all time SHM classic, ‘Antidote‘. From the first minute, waves of nostalgia reached the crowd and it became clear that the night would be unforgettable for many in attendance. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SIZE Records, Steve’s team also put together a masterful display on production, visuals, lasers, and pyrotechnics. The massive ultrawide LED screen at Mirage served as the backdrop for Steve’s show as intricate visuals and shots of him DJing on stage were displayed. There was also a moving truss that would move and converge throughout the night and also shower down rays of lights.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through the realms of house, techno, progressive, and various electronic sub-genres. Angello’s seamless mixing and track selection showcased not only his technical prowess but also his ability to read the crowd and keep them engaged. The performance was a perfect balance of familiar hits and unexpected twists, keeping the audience on their toes and igniting waves of energy throughout the night. Throwback classics such as ‘Miami 2 Ibiza‘, Leave the World Behind‘, ‘One‘, ‘Save the World‘ were already given as crowd pleasers. Some twists sprinkled in throughout the night included ‘Metro‘ from Mau P and even Queen’sWe Are The Champions‘. Steve also threw in some melodic techno ,dishing out Tinlicker’sChildren‘ which got the crowd vibing and swaying. Additionally, he played his latest collaboration with the mysterious music duo Wh0, ‘What You Need‘ which happens to be the 250th release of SIZE Records and the first offering since entering into partnership with Astralwerks. This And of course more recent tracks such as ‘Moth To A Flame‘, and ‘Turn Off the Lights‘ were a spectacle to witness as the production team synced intricate layers and the moving truss for a sight to be seen.

As the night came to a close, Angello only had the crowd craving for more. Within the last few ending songs, he played one of the most iconic tracks of all time, ‘Reload’ which left the crowd in elation and awe over the nostalgic track. In conclusion, the show was a spectacular celebration of 20 years of music at SIZE Records. It is a signal of a new era, a new team, new collaborations, new music, and a new journey for Steve Angello and SIZE Records.

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