[Event Review] Le Youth Plays Successful And Emotional About Us Tour Show In Toronto

I am still reeling from the emotional night I had a few weekends ago with a sold out show by melodic house superstar Le Youth here in Toronto. Featuring in our Year In Tunes – Best Albums this year is Le Youth, so you can just imagine what the show atmosphere would have been. An emotional rollercoaster of great music is how I will describe it. Supporting Le Youth on parts of his about tour is the one and only Massane.

Toronto, the great North is a home to music lovers with quite a number of great venues for EDM shows. This time I spent my evening in the intimate room, Noir at Rebel. This club is right at the peer of Lake Ontario with a beautiful view of the Toronto skyline. During the summer Rebel has the day club Cabana that welcomes DJs for amazing pool party sets.

Le Youth – About Us Show

The night started off with the local and resident DJs of Rebel – Manzone & Strong. If you are a regular party goer in Toronto you are no stranger to this veteran duo. They have been in the electronic music scene here for a few decades. They were the perfect duo to set this evening up for success. The crowd started to settle in as they played their intro set as was a great segway to the live act of Massane to follow.


Bruno, aka Massane has quickly become a popular name in the electronic dance music community. His live sets are phenomenal. EDMTunes sat down with him earlier this year so you know we wouldn’t miss any opportunity to witness his performances. His set was a little over an hour and trust me you are grooving every minute of it. Massane has had one of his biggest year with the release of his album, By The River. ‘5 am’ from his album Another Dawn was the perfect track to begin his set with. ‘Cryo‘, ‘Trust‘, ‘Closure‘, ‘Nomad‘ from his sophomore album really energized the crowd. Massane’s performance is incomplete without his guitar solos. He absolutely shredded his set with the guitar and my favourite tracks of the night were ‘Never Loved‘ and ‘Summer End‘.

The crowd went absolutely wild with his ‘By The River‘ remix which struck an emotional cord. His magical set came to a close everyone’s favourite track ‘And We Knew It Was Our Time‘ with Lane 8 and ‘Anywhere‘ by Aname. Overall no better way to get into Le Youth’s set.

Le Youth

The most hype man on the This Never Happened label currently gave an absolute killer performance. Wes started off the night of with what I think is one of the most listened to track of the year, ‘I will Leave A Light On‘. This masterpiece gives me tears and goosebumps every single time. Le Youth transposed the crowd to another planet. The man seems to have created only bangers in the last few years. Some standouts from the About Us tracks – ‘I’ll Catch You‘, ‘Like You Did‘ a remix that is unreleased, hoping that it will be in his remixed version of the album. He tested the crowd with the remix of ‘Morning Light‘ by Gem & Tauri, which will become a staple in sets. Hearing ‘Talking Like That‘, ‘Refracted‘ and ‘Back Around‘ live for the first time since the album release was spectacular.

Le Youth brought some great mashups. ‘Making time‘ with ‘Cycles‘ an absolute favourite, and another standout was ‘If only‘ with ‘Colour‘. He played classics like ‘Pattern’, ‘Feel Around You’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Hologram’ to name a few. The emotions in the crowd were heightened the whole night especially with Le Youth classics. If you know Le Youth, you know classics aka ‘Waves‘, ‘Chills‘ and ‘Underwater‘. Do I need to say anymore to you all, or does the ‘BloomLane8 remix speak for itself? The set was a magical bliss of great music for over 2 hours. And I didn’t want the night to end.

If you haven’t seen either of the two amazing producers live yet, I highly urge you to. Check out Le Youth’s tour dates here. And Massane’s dates here. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your updates in the music world.

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