Eric Clapton Is Dedicating Song On Upcoming Album To Avicii

Yes, you read that headline right. Eric Clapton has a new Christmas album on the way, and he is dedicating “Jingle Bells” to Avicii.

Eric Clapton dished the details in an interview with Billboard about the upcoming album, titled Happy Xmas. He said his rendition “Jingle Bells” will be dedicated to “the memory Avicii.” Billboard reported the song was dedicated to Avicii due to his “admiration for the late DJ.” Clapton even titled his version as “Jingle Bells (In Memory Of Avicii).”

The combo may seem a bit odd, but it’s cool to see a legendary rock and blues star dedicate a song to Avicii. We’re curious why Clapton picked “Jingle Bells” all songs to dedicate to Avicii; perhaps because it’s one the happiest songs ever? Whatever the case, you can hear Clapton’s dedication to Avicii when Happy Xmas releases on October 12.

Avicii committed suicide in April, leaving behind an untouchable legacy and impact on EDM and music as a whole. He remains sorely missed.

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