Ephwurd Releases First Track Since Datsik Allegations, Explains What Happened

It’s been a little over four months since allegations sexual assault caused Datsik to lose everything – his label, his management, his booking agency, and his career. At the time, Datsik was also half the bass house duo Ephwurd, from which he also relinquished his role. The other producer in the project, Basie Hauser, kept a stiff upper lip and through the emotional rollercoaster he was on at the time, has come out the other side.

Ephwurd, now under the sole guidance Hauser, just released its first song since Datsik left the group, called “Everywhere I Go.” It’s not bass house, nor is it really like anything Ephwurd has released in the past. With a bunch tracks slated for release, this is a new Ephwurd.

Basie also addressed the Datsik controversy in a lengthy letter to fans, which you can read below.

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