Enrico Sangiuliano Releases First Chapter Of NINETOZERO With ‘Silence’

Back in April, Enrico Sangiuliano revealed his NINETOZERO idea to the world. This time-limited imprint spans three years and is divided into ten chapters. Now, check out the first chapter with a four-track EP titled Silence. This project offers an exploration deep into the world of sound design.

Silence is an anthemic and melodic-driven techno compilation. It takes us on his newest exploration into the world of sound design and storytelling. Find your groove with this series of opuses. Opening the EP is the title track, a cinematic production challenging the format and flow of techno cuts. It radiates a measured and reflective spirit with twinkling synth work, crisp percussion, and distorted basslines.

Future Dust‘ teases listeners with a ticking clock that morphs into a strong percussion line. That distinctive ticking propels the track forward with a hypercharged melodic sequence. Those rave stabs come at you while the monumental drop succumbs you to the finish. ‘New Expression of Love‘ is quirky, with intriguing, unpredictably twists and turns. Offbeat synths sound nostalgic while the melody intoxicated your ears. Take in the euphoria with its subtle swing groove of acidic goodness.

Photo: Marie Wynants x Lisbeth Antoine

Closing out the EP is a vocal mix of ‘Silence’. Lyrics like ‘We live in silence’ chant while a clock beeps its countdown. So, have you gotten a feel for Enrico’s tenacious appetite of evolution and refinement? He produces with finesse beyond his years. His artistic vibrancy ensured his quick rise to the top while maintaining his signature sound. He stands as one of the genre’s most cherished visionaries. Unmatched and unrivaled, we eagerly await what’s next in his NINETOZERO chapters.

Listen to Silence below and don’t forget your tickets to his NINETOZERO event on June 11th in Amsterdam.

Enrico Sangiuliano – Silence | Buy/Stream

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