Eli Nissan – Bambook/Limbo EP

Enjoy the weekend with the tastiest Organic House, from the loving hands of one of its masters.

Eli Nissan is no stranger to Organic House. From an uncountable number of releases so far, Nissan has put out the most exquisite combinations of organic percussion over a four-on-the-floor beat. Its songs make you want to stand up and dance it all out. And this EP is no exception.

Out today on Khen‘s closure record label is the stellar two-track Bamboo/Limbo EP. With this, Eli Nissan becomes the second artist to ever release on Khen’s label (after Khen himself), setting a clear direction for the imprint: groovy, rhythmic Organic House.


This is Nissan’s first release of the year, and it’s actually the first bunch of originals we’ve heard from him since his debut solo album God Between Us, released almost exactly a year ago, on July 1st, 2022.


The A-side of the EP, ‘Bambook‘, is a typical Eli Nissan track: tasty, lovely, and melodic. The use of different plucks, some with long and some with short releases, brings this song the variation it needs to hypnotise you in its trance, without being monotonous. Carefully thought, and carefully executed.


The mighty B-side. Writer’s favourite right here. The groove of the percussion pairs really well with the long sub bass notes. The main sound driving this track forward is an offbeat melody that appears to come from some sort of wooden wind chime. A kind of track one would play in the middle of a jungle-themed festival (hey, that’s quite the idea! Event organisers, hear me out).

Listen to Eli Nissan’s Bambook/Limbo EP right below for your trustworthy Spotify play.

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