Electronic Artist Claims Drake Stole Artwork for New Single & I Totally Agree

Drake is making headlines for more than dropping two new surprise singles –“God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” He’s actually coming for the artwork that came with the 2-track mini release.

Electronic artist Rabit took to social media last night to point out how scary close Drake’s album art for Scary Hours looks to his own 2015 Communion Tour poster. It’s pretty hard to deny, as the font styles and faded black background are spot on.

The artist behind the design Collin Fletcher is “always having his style stolen,” to Rabit. “This is a story that too many artists, musicians, and designers identify with. Hopefully this results in a larger conversation about popular culture’s relationship to underground artists.”

OVO, the guy behind Drake’s Scary Hours artwork, says the tour poster was not sourced directly. However, he admits it was brought up as a reference during the production stages.

No ficial statement yet from Drake’s camp.

Rabit vs. Drake Artwork



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