EDX And Frey Rework The Iconic ‘Rhythm Of The Night’

This revisit will have you dancing around to one of the greatest songs of the Euro era.

This one is one of those songs you’ve heard at least once in your life, with or without knowing, with or without loving. Were it when it was shot to fame in the 90s, in the original GTA V Non-Stop Pop FM Radio, or as a Latino joke — namely, esos son Reebok o son Nike —, you HAVE to have listened to Corona‘s greatest hit, ‘The Rhythm Of The Night‘. And it truly was! Worldwide acclaimed, this upbeat hit made sure to leave no dancefloor untouched, and certainly became its title.

As with most classics, it has seen a handful of reworks. EDM-wise, you might have heard it from the hands of 3LAU, Nom de Strip and Estelle in early 2015 as ‘The Night‘, or a bit later just a couple months ago as the comeback track of Yotto and Karolus as their Something Good alias, ‘Rhythm (Of The Night)‘. Corona’s best is back today with a new rework, coming from the hands of maestros EDX and Frey.

(Left to right) Frey, EDX.

Rhythm Of The Night

Half a billion streams and almost three decades in the industry on EDX’s side, and releases on major record labels such as Sony, Universal, Warner, and BMG on Frey’s. Nothing could go wrong when these two giants collided. And, deliver they did if you ask me.

Featuring the original vocals (yay), their ‘Rhythm Of The Night‘ rework is nothing short of amazing. Organic-infused, House flavoured bliss enters through your ears as soon as the song starts. Catch yourself in the act, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the vocals are not only coming from the track but from your mouth as well. Give in to the rhythm. of the night.

The break features the timeless chorus, amidst a neverending tension round. Hands high up in the air for the drop! You’ll surely won’t want to miss this rework.

Listen to EDX x Frey’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ down below for your Spotify link.

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