EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 49 (Part Two)

Because one wasn’t enough this week.


Here are even more of our top picks for our New Music Friday series, in no particular order.

SD Gloria – lake shore drive

Genre: House, UK Garage

We were instantly hooked upon listening to this track. Matthieu, the mind behind SD Gloria, has a background in music that goes back to his parents. Growing up with a classical violinist mother and bassist father, it was only a matter of time before he ventured into this world himself.

What can we say… warm pianos, uplifting House chords, and a savoury beat. Seems like the recipe for a belter. It sure is. SD Gloria’s ‘lake shore drive‘ is awe-inspiring. It can only be described as ‘Gypsy Woman’ has a happy ending. This would be her song after having found a peaceful home by a lake, staring at Nature late at night.

D. Carbone – Necromantic (Sopik Remix)

Genre: Hard Techno, Psytrance

Jumping from one feeling to its exact opposite. If you’re seeking power, look no further than D. Carbone. A master of the harder styles of Dance music, his sound can be described as Bold Industrial Acid Techno, with Hard and fast nuances.

Carbone’s track ‘Necromantic‘ was recently revisited by label owner Sopik, who added his own definition of power and filth to an already red-hot track. Listen to the best dark Psytrance and Hard Techno blend out there.

Mark Maguire – Destination

Genre: Trance

Because there is never enough Trance to share. Meet Mark Maguire. The Ireland-born producer bravely decided one day he would no longer be a spectator and would contribute to the scene. And here he is.

His latest, ‘Destination‘, is a sensitive walk in the park of ideas and dreams. Basslines, percussion, atmospheres, and the most emotional of atmospheres, all come onboard. Close your eyes and fly away.

Maude – Let’s Go

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno

Maude is an up-and-coming artist from Los Angeles, looking to captivate the masses through their fine sound. They state their crafts “transcend boundaries, eliciting strong emotional responses“. And they certainly do.

From the very first kick, you can smell greatness in Maude’s ‘Let’s Go‘. Punch, hypnotising grooves, and huge atmospheres, all play their part in the arrangement. Don’t believe us? Press that ‘Play’ button below.

Marcel Scott – Heaven Above

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno

DJ, producer, and sound engineer Marcel Scott sure knows a thing or two about music production. With a diverse catalogue of songs to choose from, Scott is one of those artists determined to leave an impression on listeners.

Rolling basslines, tasty kicks, analogue-resembling arpeggios, vocals, and more, make Scott’s very own ‘Heaven Above‘ a track to remember. Enjoy the catchy nature of his sweet middle point between Melodic Techno and Progressive House.

lookc – take you anywhere

Genre: UK Garage, Progressive House

Electronic duo lookc closes week 49 of our New Music Friday selection. Once childhood friends, today the product of such friendship comes in the form of an entire artistic personality, one that explores the contrast between their distinct right brain/left brain ways.

take you anywhere‘ is a lovely, sexy arrangement, featuring funky muted chords, octaved vocals, swing, a slap-bass-reminiscing bass, various Jazz instruments, and a Moby-like piano. Give it a listen and see if it can actually take you anywhere.


Final Words

Stay tuned, for more of our compilations every Thursday and Friday — based on demand. And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all the latest news and reviews that revolve around our beloved Electronic Dance Music!

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