EDMjunkies+37 is a Kenyan Special in Partnership with AbletonEDMjunkies+37 is a Kenyan Special in Partnership with Ableton

We’re ready to announce the 37th edition of EDMjunkies+.

This month’s edition, which is delivered in partnership with Ableton, aims to shine a light on Nairobi, the Kenyan city where a new generation of artists are bringing a palette of fresh sounds to a region once dominated by benga, a type of pop music that emerged in the 1940s. While electronic instruments have long been part of Kenyan music production, it’s only recently that fully electronic tracks have found a local following, and this in turn is cultivating younger artists to join in, stretching boundaries and inciting experimental and organic expression that has once seemed unfathomable.

“This community has not existed before,” says Jinku, one of the artists at the center of this scene.

To celebrate this community, and to shine a light on some of the talents that exist within it, we’ve asked Jinku to present two artists on his radar. Besides providing two of his own tracks, which open up this edition with moody beatscapes, including a woozy, psychedelic jam session, he’s brought in two friends that he met on Soundcloud. First up there’s Nu Fvnk, a prolific local artist, who delivers “GWIT,” an R&B-style beat that’s common in his DJ sets, and “When You Love,” which is inspired by the autotune in Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album. Closing the edition is RVMP with two tracks, “Ethiopia,” an atmospheric bass cut; and “Bamburi,” a more subtle counterpart, both of which lean heavily on sampling and will have you nodding your head to their grooves.

The artwork and NFT this month comes from Jebet Naava, a self-taught visual artist based in Nairobi, who has been working as a graphic designer for just over six years.

And, as an addition to this package, Jinku has provided a breakdown of the production behind his “Barda” track. There’s even a download of the track’s Ableton project!

We hope you enjoy your music.

The EDMjunkies Team.

The music, PDF zine, and wallpaper art can be downloaded once you SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you’re already a subscriber, you can download the package below.

Note: the subscriber NFT will be available next week and a note will be sent out to subscribers.

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