Dubtil Reignites Bucharest’s Arpiar Label with New EP

Arpiar, the Bucharest label of Rhadoo, Raresh, and Petre Inspirescu, will release a new EP from Dubtil.

It’s been nearly four years since Arpiar’s last release, an album from Ricardo Villalobos. The label now returns with Dubtil, real name Robert Istoc, who is known for his dub-focussed take on the Romanian minimal sound. He’s previously released on local labels Amphia, Understand, and Raresh’s Metereze. You can read more about him in his EDMjunkies interview and podcast here.

We’re told that the EP’s three tracks combine the dancefloor (B1) with a more atmospheric track on B2, while the A-side brings a “proper mind trip,” with “outstanding rhythmic patterns” and swing.

To learn more about the history of Romania’s elusive music community, check out EDMjunkies‘s long-form feature here.


A1. I
B1. II
B2. II

Anume EP is scheduled for April release on vinyl. We’ll add clips and a pre-order link as they become available.

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