Drug experts are saying cocaine could be delivered faster than pizza

The Global Drug Survey wants to find out whether cocaine can be delivered faster than a takeaway.

With a rise in drug orders through the dark web, it's being questioned whether sellers should launch premium delivery services to meet demand.

As a result, GDS wants to find out about drug and food delivery times across the world. In doing so, it'll be comparing cocaine and pizza.

Dr Adam Winstock : "With the darknet facilitating the delivery drugs direct to people’s letter boxes and encrypted social media platforms allowing people to order in secret, it’s not surprising that there’d be an impact on the speed delivery.

"Despite additional charges for swift drug delivery, the attraction convenience and discretion means it makes sense for dealers to invest in premium delivery services.

"With all this in mind, we decided to look at efficiency and speed drug delivery across the world. And to make a symbolic comparison, we’re using pizzas as a benchmark and, cocaine as the test."

Now let's sit tight and wait for the results.

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