Download: Anechoic “Gaian Bottleneck”

Anechoic released Temporal Light Artefacts via Diffuse Reality in Barcelona back in December.

The LP, the Parisian producer’s debut, was the result of several months of “sound research and discovery in the area of massless particles, relativity theory, energy, and the electromagnetic spectrum.” During this work, he paid special attention to the transmission of signals between planetary systems, he explains. Inspired by this, the album’s tracks are heady and ethereal; expect textural, psychedelic techno that is as deep and intriguing as the subject matter.

Anechoic has been a regular on EDMjunkies over the last year, landing various tracks and mixes in the EDMjunkies+ Music Submissions Roundup features—click the respective links to check out May and July. You can learn more about the EDMjunkies submissions portal here.

He is now offering up the opening track from Temporal Light Artefacts, “Gainain Bottleneck,” as today’s EDMjunkies download, available to EDMjunkies+ subscribers below. The track leads with six-and-a-half minutes of left-field techno, a perfect concoction of marching percussion and off-kilter synth work.

Temporal Light Artefacts can be purchased here.

Full EDMjunkies+ Members can download the track below. If you’re not an EDMjunkies+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.

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