DJ Lady Faith Fires Back At Top 10 DJ's Statement About Women In EDM

Steve Aoki recently voiced his opinions about women in EDM — and he it seemed to be a problem not just in the music industry, but throughout all industries.

During his , the main takeaway was: “There’s not enough representation women — so you have to ensure that there is representation.”

Now Lady Faith is saying, “Practice what you preach.” The DJ has formed a letter responding to Steve Aoki’s comments on gender equality. She agrees, more exposure needs to be put on this important issue.

“However, I don’t believe that DJs need to step aside to make room for women. We have the skills, the talent, the passion and the drive to compete with any male.”

“What we really need are labels like yours, those who manage overall exposure to the fans, to start allocating more that exposure to hard working female DJ/Producers who have dedicated their lives to this amazing industry.”

Hard to argue with her point. Your move, Aoki.

Lady Faith Responds To Steve Aoki



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