Diplo Reveals One Time He Legitimately Almost Died [VIDEO]

DJs, especially ones who have been touring as long as Diplo, have plenty stories to tell from their travels. But this particular story from Diplo comes from before he was a DJ, before he even learned how to produce.

As a young adult, Diplo traveled all over to try and see where he could break into the music industry. When he was around 19 or 20, his travels took him to India where he met up with a friend and de facto tour guide. Their time in India eventually led them to the Ganges River, whereupon his friend suggested they take a swim. Unbeknownst to Diplo, the Ganges isn’t a calm river and has some pretty intense rapids.

“Right when I got into the water I was sucked down like 20-feet,” he recalls. “It was] complete pitch black darkness, I couldn’t see anything, I for sure knew I was dying… I remember swimming and choking to death in the water and I remember seeing a little girl pointing at me from the riverside screaming that there’s a dead guy in the water.”

Diplo eventually made it out (obviously) to tell the story 20 years later. Watch the full Q&A at Oxford Union below to hear this story and a lot more.

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