Diplo Is Getting Closer To Releasing His First Solo EP In Five Years

As singles come trickling in, Diplo is ficially gearing up for his first solo EP in five years, with his forthcoming California EP. (Remember the Random White Dude Be Everywhere album in 2014? Yeah, us neither.)

Sure, we’ve heard plenty his work through Major Lazer and Jack Ü in recent years — but fans have been missing that true Diplo sound. So five years later, what does Diplo sound like exactly?

With his latest, soulful production, “Look Back” featuring DRAM, Diplo sounds more like chilled out R&B than ever. It’s a stark change up from anything we’re used to hearing that’s associated with Diplo, but it sounds nothing less than amazing.

More true to the Diplo sound we’re acquainted with, we have “Get It Right” featuring longtime collaborator , which released earlier this year. That sound fans love is still in there, but Diplo is most definitely evolving his productions.

The drop date Diplo’s California EP is TBA, but at least we have “Look Back” and “Get It Right” to enjoy in the meantime! Which sound are you vibing on more?

Diplo – Look Back (Feat. DRAM)

Diplo – Get It Right (Feat. Mø)



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