Deadmau5 Unloads Vault of Orchestral Mixes for His Biggest Songs

deadmau5 has proven himself as a true music mastermind yet again, this time through orchestral mixes some fan favorites and classic tracks… *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The producer previewed some his new material livestream on Twitch recently, confirming some orchestral productions most definitely in the works. is flooded with various theories on what will become these instrumental versions his tracks, if anything.

The only thing anyone on the thread that everyone seems to be collectively agreeing on — “sounds fucking amazing.” The producer has expressed huge interest in developing a film score as well, so some wonder if this could be a related project.

Every time we see deadmau5 documenting his time in studio, he seems to be experimenting in a new way. He continues to push boundaries and exceed himself on the daily, and it’s amazing to listen to. Whatever this is, we can’t wait for it!

deadmau5 Previews Vault Orchestral Mixes


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