Deadmau5 sells his toilet water for $50 as a jab at Hardwell's new fragrance

Joel Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5, has become infamous for supplying apt social commentary through trolling.

This time around, the mau5 takes a jab at Hardwell after releasing his new fragrance ECLIPSE, a product advertised to "transform" the artist's "very personal world into an energetic scent".

In response, Zimmerman ( livestream) walks into his own bathroom and fills an emptied hand sanitizer bottle with toilet water, taking inspiration from Hardwell's "eau de toilette”.

Joel gave his special product a $50 price point, $10 higher than ECLIPSE and gave details: "This is legit. This is the real deal. The is water direct from my toilet...This is legit water from the place I piss and shit".

Within one minute, two users tuned into the stream donated $50 in exchange for Deadmau5's toilet water.

"See Hardwell? I can push this shit too" Zimmerman reacts, "And I didn't have to go to a board meeting or nothing'.

Fair fucking play, Joel!

See a clip the sale below.

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