Deadmau5 Reveals New Stage for Small Venue Performances

Deadmau5 is nothing if not innovative and creative, so course he’s built yet another cube and come up with the most creative name ever… “other cube.”

Okay so obviously this is a bit tongue in cheek, but serious props are due to deadmau5 for wanting to bring his cube experience to even the smaller clubs which don’t have the room for the real thing. After debuting his cube at Coachella in 2010, it has become one the most iconic stage designs in dance music history, and shouldn’t everyone have a chance to experience that?

It might not fit into every, every club (like the 500 capacity club in which he celebrated his birthday in Los Angeles), but it will now likely fit a much larger selection venues, and that can only be a good thing.

According to a tweet accompanying a picture the cube skeleton, it seems “other cube” is scaled down about 64% from the original. Check it out below.



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