Deadmau5 Hints at Hanging Up the Helmet

Deadmau5, the music production wizard synonymous with the early 2010s, has announced on reddit that he is feeling like he is in the sunset of his music production career. Posted under the r/deadmau5 subreddit, he mentions a new desire to ‘fill the void’ that music used to fill for him. 

He and his cat, Professor Meowingtons (who turned twelve this year) will be looking forward to yet-unrevealed new projects. And while there is no timeline set, most speculators agree that you will get another chance to see him before he retires for good.

Deadmau5 has mentioned that some of the artists under his label mau5trap, such as No Mana, are getting it done in new and inventive ways. One such phenom, Rezz, was originally under his label before she was selected for EDM Superstardom. Perhaps deadmau5 will move into the artist management space. He certainly has a good ear for it. 

The quote of deadmau5 from Reddit reads as follows. 

Well I’ve obviously taken a more backseat on music production…. I’ve been doing it for 20+ years…. which is no small feat for anyone. I’m just following my own path. Music technology. Which isn’t limited to “the creation of music”. I’m getting older, the demographic is ever changing. These are just my musical sunset years, and I’m going to respectfully hand down the reigns and soon hang up the mau5head. I don’t think there needs to be a negative connotation tied to the idea of me starting to slow things down and head into different ventures that fill the void that music no longer does for me.

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