Deadmau5 Explains Why He Broke His Promise To Produce This Artist's Album

deadmau5 is clearing the air after an apparent failed promise to produce Bo Mason‘s album.

Long story short: mau5 discovered soulful singer one day, fell in love with his work, and promised that once the rising star hit 1 million plays on his music the producer would fly him out to Canada to make an album on mau5trap.

It was all documented on social media, so the music world would never forget. Well, about 8 months ago Bo accomplished that feat, and deadmau5 still hasn’t followed up with his end the bargain.

But, there are two sides to every story. As mau5 explains, his schedule was simply busy at the time and he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise to Bo right away. Despite communicating that to the r&b singer, he was bombarded with tweets and retweets from the artist’s friends and it became “too much.”

“…and ultimately just repelled me from the whole idea,” deadmau5 says.

Well, there you have it.

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