Deadmau5 Donates Over $50,000 To Charity via Twitch Stream & The Gamers' Reactions Are Priceless

deadmau5 is all about getting and giving donations for charity…

Often times he’s raising money for his own Twitch channel. This time around, he decided to surprise a gamer   who was raising money for the same cause. deadmau5 recently jumped on the live stream to casually donate an amount that for some is a full year’s salary.

The $25,000 gesture certainly did not go unnoticed. The player completely freaked out in the best way possible!

“HOLY SHIT! deadmau5 just drop $25,000 fucking dollars right now everybody!”

“What even is that?!”

He didn’t stop there. He donated $30,000 during another live stream.

Learn more about  and what the organization does for children through fundraising and gaming marathons .

Deadmau5 Donates $25K & $30K to Charity



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