DallasK & Lauv Come Together Once more To Bring Us A Collaboration, ‘Try Again’

Its always refreshing to get new music from some older, more established artists. Today, were get just that by the way of DallasK‘s new track. The last time we wrote him up was in 2015 for his collaboration with Tiësto titled ‘Show Me‘. Now, we are bringing you his newest tune alongside Lauv, titled ‘Try Again’. If you’re a fan of either of these artists, I think you’re going to love this one.

In the past, we’ve seen DallasK & Lauv team up together, as DallasK co-produced and co-wrote Lauv’s 2016 single ‘Breathe‘. In addition to this, DallasK also co-produced and co-wrote ‘Sad Forever‘, which is a single from Lauv’s 2020 debut album, ~how i’m feeling~. He even collaborated on him on the 2020 EP, Without You.  ‘Try Again’ is a bit different when compared to their past collaborations as DallasK played all the instruments on the track, in addition to producing it.

It goes without saying that these two artists are more than comfortable working together. After giving Try Again a listen, I am positive that you would agree.

With a total runtime of three minutes, and nine seconds DallasK & Lauv‘s Try Again is a quick one. With that being said, you may want to give it a couple of listens just to take it all in. If you’re into DallasK, Lauv, or just pop-tinged dance music, then this is a tune for you. ‘Try Again is out now on If Only / Amigo Records, and is streaming below. Enjoy!

DallasK, Lauv – Try Again (feat. Lauv) | STREAM

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