Cochise Replacing Playboi Carti? Stream New Song “Lost It”

If you don't know Cochise (@yungcochise) from his most popular track "Hatchback" now you know, from people calling him a Playboi Carti 'clone' to people saying it's his own sounds. There's no disagreeing the fact his numbers been growing by the day and, has caught many people's attention as he was even featured on Internet Money Record's album, B4 The Storm with a track featuring TyFontaine called "Right Now." On September 18th, Cochise dropped a music video for his new single "Lost it".  The visuals for the video was very creative, like all the other ones Cochise has released and even had a snippet of another song he is planning to release in the future, fans will definitely keep their eyes open for that. It's currently sitting at 118k+ views on YouTube and 31.6k plays on Soundcloud.


Fans were not disappointed with this track as they were filled with people falling in love with Cochise's adlibs, and lyrics. As others were speaking about how he's a clone of Playboi Carti or even better! Maybe this might be a motivation for Carti to post, to show who's the true king of baby voice music. Regardless fans are loving the new music coming from the hot streak artist Cochise. The beat was very jumpy and had a spacey vibe to it, and had a hard aggressive bass to it.


If I had to rate this track I would give it an 8.5/10, the hook was creative, and the verse had a one-two punch bar which was very catchy. The addition of the snippet at the end was a good way to end the video, giving his fans something to look forward to!

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