Carnage Moves on to New Project, Gordo

The well known artist, Carnage moves on to his new project, Gordo. So no more promised heavy bass drops or mosh pits. Diamanté Blackmon, the face of Carnage has said he no longer wants to pursue the style of music that Carnage is so popular for. In fact, he wants to pursue a whole new genre of music. His love for House music and Tech house has surpassed his desires to play his regular dubstep and hip hop collaborations.

Sadly, there are many fans that aren’t too happy about his transition. Carnage had a whole fan base where he could promise promoters 1000’s of attendees at festivals across the world. Closing out main stage was his specialty. The 2010’s EDM music blow up in the United States also featured a lot of Carnage. He has been a genre stamp for over 10 years compiling millions of fans. The shoes will need to be filled and filled soon.

BillBoard Interview

Blackmon recently took part in a interview with Billboard magazine to discuss his newly found future. He mentions why he wants to move on from the carnage project and start new with Gordo. In summary, his musical journey is ready for something different. Something else to create and to achieve. With Carnage he feels like his new skills can’t flourish. He at no circumstances wants to insult or disrespect his fans. Only wants to give them something new and show them what else he can do. He mentions:

“Yeah. I don’t want to disrespect my fans, because there are a lot of people who live, breathe and sleep Carnage. It’s tough because when I started the Gordo thing it was like, “I want to do this too.” And then the Gordo thing just started skyrocketing. Everyone was so supportive of the Gordo project, and it kept getting bigger. We had Carnage shows, and the promoters would hit us up a couple hours before like, “Hey everyone is calling us, can you do a Gordo set instead?””

It’s understandable that Diamanté wants to move on from a old successful brand. Carnage did its part and it did it well. If Gordo succeeds past what it already has the reason for the end of Carnage will talk for itself.

Transitioning to Gordo

Blackmon also mentions towards the end of Carnage he has been trying new things and training his fans for something different. They know that he likes to surprise them with new stuff and they are always supportive. To the point to where when he announced Gordo and people got the first taste there was already promoters asking for Gordo sets instead of Carnage sets. Maybe it’s not so much Carnage but the man behind the brand. After being asked “What’s it been like integrating yourself into a new realm of the dance space?” Blackmon mentions:

“That’s just how much I believe in myself. All I know is that I have amazing music that’s ready to go. I love playing Gordo sets. I’ve studied it for the last two years. Countless hours of me going to afterparties and not sleeping and going to these shows, watching these other DJs and studying them and learning the culture.

I’m an outsider. I came into the Carnage brand as an outsider. I was making rap music, and then I fell in love with EDM, and I fell in love with trap music. I fell in love with hardstyle. With psytrance. I didn’t grow up listening to dance music. I was a student for EDM. And then I became a student for techno. And then for tech house.”

There is no limit for Blackmon in the whole music scene. He wants to conquer it all by learning all the different tricks to making a crowd move no matter the genre or taste. With only doing a few more good bye Carnage sets in major cities, Blackmon will strictly be Gordo for the foreseeable future. Already off to a good start Gordo has already released music. In 2021 he released ‘Taraka‘, a song that has already gained millions of streams. Also, he just release ‘Rizzla‘ in 2022 really pushing the Gordo name. This next project will prove he really is capable of anything. Go give it a listen.

FULL BillBoard Interview

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