Canadian Artist Zach Zoya Drops “Slurpee”

Hailing from outside of Montreal, Canada, Zach Zoya is taking the scene by storm with his rapping & songwriting. His newest drop "Slurpee" shows off both of these talents and is paired with some of the dopest visuals I've seen in a hot minute.


Growing up in the small, largely French-speaking city of Rouyn-Noranda, Zoya developed a diverse musical palate from his family. Introduced to African music by his South African father who fled to Canada during apartheid, and North American soul and pop music by his French-Canadian mother, Zoya was immersed in rhythms and melodies that spoke to him even when the English lyrics didn’t.


Though French was both Zoya’s first language and the one more established in the Montréal music scene, he’s rapped in English from the start of his career. Raised without a computer or television in a place with minimal hip-hop culture, Zoya first honed his flows by covering records by Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and credits learning the skill of rapping with improving his delivery as an all-around vocalist.


Make sure to check out "Slurpee" and let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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