Bubba Brothers Give Some Music Production Advice In This Exclusive Interview

Justino Santos and Eliseu Correia, better known as Bubba Brothers, continue to push boundaries and release hard-hitting productions that hit the charts and become instant hits shortly after going live. 

The duo, whose performances have reached the most iconic and impressive venues in the Dance music world like Ministry of Sound in London or Es Paradis in Ibiza, among others, keep their drive and passion focused on producing high-level and powerful music that conquers dance floors worldwide. 

We wanted to know more about the music production side of the duo, and ask them about their own insights and advice when it comes to making hard-hitting bangers. 

Hi Bubba Brothers, how are you? 

We are great, thank you, and thank you for this opportunity. 

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing to keep in mind when producing music? 

The most important thing is to feel the music. Not producing for the sake of having a track out there but make sure it has something to say, that YOU have something to say. 

What set of gear is a good recommendation for setting up a home studio? 

That is a really difficult one to answer, because there are many very good options on the market. 

Which part of a track would you say is best to start with? 

The most important part is the melody. Once you have that you can work around that and give it the kick and the groove you like. 

What’s your take on samples? How do you think you can make the most out of a sample? 

To be honest, we have not been using samples at all. We believe they can be very useful and also, if you have something great in your hands, why not use it? 

Which plugins and effects are your favorites? 

We recommend Camel Audio but then again, there are many good options out there. 

When do you know when a track is finished? 

Once we feel it and it makes us move. When the track is ready, your heart will tell you. No recipe for that, just intuition. 

Are there any YouTube videos, books or blogs you’d recommend to someone starting out their music production journey? 

We can’t really say just one. 

Do you have any advice for music production beginners? 

Our advice is to be faithful to your beliefs and your personal taste. If you don’t believe in what you are producing or playing, neither will the public. So don’t let commercial interest guide you but your principles. 

How do you keep yourself inspired? 

Life inspires us every day. The world inspires us. ‘Make House Not War’ was inspired by the war that is still haunting our lives, ‘Amandla’ by the death of Desmond Tutu and so on.    

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