Bots Generated A Coachella Lineup Full Of Fake Names & It's Absolutely Hilarious

Every year the internet goes crazy over parody Coachella — even just as much as the actual ficial poster it seems! Now, with the introduction this bot-generated lineup, we’ve seen it all.

From , the same minds that generated bots intelligent enough to autogenerate an entire Harry Potter novel, comes a Coachella 2018 lineup from an alternate universe. A universe where Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Eminem are traded in for Fanch, One Of Pig, and Lil Hack.

Ben Sex, Mighty Gross, and Here Comes the Death don’t sound too far f from what actual band names might be. Glothongz, Paper Cop, Automute — these are just too believable. (It also reminds us this from 2013.)

That’s because the imaginary Coachella lineup was “generated by a neural network trained on thousands band names.”

Welcome to 2018.

Bot-Generated Coachella Lineup


H/T:  | Photo: Charles Reagan Hackleman

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