Boombox Cartel Brings Max Energy Tour to Musica in NYC

Boombox Cartel is bringing their high octane fueled electronic trap music to New York City this upcoming weekend. On December 15 Friday, they will be performing at one of New York’s premier night club, Musica Club NYC. You can grab your tickets on DICE while they still last.

Blurring the lines between electronic and hip-hop with Latin influences, internationally-recognized Mexican American producer act Boombox Cartel have become one of the most prominent acts in North America. The producer duo, consisting of Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, found their start in 2015 and have been trailblazing their distinct sound since then. The duo caught the spotlight in 2015 when their track ‘B2U’ got the nod from Jack Ü, and soon enough, every major artist was playing it live. Riding high on this success, Boombox Cartel dropped the hit single ‘Supernatural’ in collaboration with Quix and Anjulie in 2016, showcasing their infectious energy and genre-defying style.

What sets Boombox Cartel apart is their ability to seamlessly blend Latin influences into their music, creating a sound that resonates with a diverse global audience. The infusion of rhythmic beats, vibrant melodies, and dynamic basslines reflects the duo’s cultural roots, adding a unique flavor to the electronic music landscape. All of their tracks give off a massive volt of energy while still incorporating vocals and creativity into the mix. That is evident in their most recent track ‘Feel It 2’ with FrostTop, and Transviolet.

Musica, co-founded by Italian hospitality legend Cipriani, offers a premier experience with its cutting-edge sound system, superb acoustics, and vibrant lighting. The spacious dance floor and cozy lounge areas promise an enjoyable night, whether you want to lose yourself in dance or simply take in the atmosphere.

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