Bizo and Dr. Ushūu release new single “Bondyvoid” on NGHMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations label!

Rising dubstep sensation Bizo is making his return to NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint alongside fellow France-based producer Dr. Ushūu with their futuristic banger “Bondyvoid.” The track serves as a follow-up to former’s label debut Eighto Eight,” which was unveiled in July.

The chemistry between longtime friends Bizo and Dr. Ushūu is palpable on the headbanging anthem “Bondyvoid.” The opening offers a deceptive welcome as emotive melodies and video game-inspired flourishes drift over an intensifying ticking that creates a state of pensive reflection with an underlying sense of impending doom. Pivoting upon a glitchy turning point, robotic vocals are paired with screaming sound design to ready listeners for imminent destruction. As the deathly vocals loop out, the track explodes into a blistering cacophony of rapid-fire laser synths, quaking bass hits, crunchy low-end, and bass growls with a taste for blood. Entering its full form, “Bondyvoid” is a brutish dubstep weapon that’s bookended with hints of beauty for a villainous juxtaposition. 

Bizo and Dr. Ushūu

Bizo speaks on their longstanding history together: “We have both been good friends for ages and we wanted to make something that showed exactly that, so we combined our styles in a track for our headbangers to go crazy with.

Echoing the enthusiasm for the collaboration, Dr. Ushūu adds on by stating:We’re so excited to finally put out “Bondyvoid,” and to have this track that took forever for us to wrap up, come out on Gud Vibrations.”

“Bondyvoid” offers a futuristic cyber attack on the senses, taking listeners on a neck-breaking thrill ride that’s marred with murderous intent. 

Bizo & Dr. Ushūu’s new single “Bondyvoid” is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.

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