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“Parties in a front room of someone’s house are usually the best parties,” says Artwork, aka Arthur Smith. The former Magnetic Man member and long-time DJ and producer is explaining what inspired his hugely popular party concept, Art’s House. “It actually started when we turned the tables and took a club to a random person off Twitter’s front room. It was just a comment at an after-party that for once actually happened.”

The first one saw Smith take a soundsystem, lasers, smoke machines, a bar and a few DJs to that person’s front room on a Wednesday night. “It just went from there, there was never any plan with it,” he tells DJ Mag. Since then it has grown and grown and now there have been Artwork Presents Art’s House parties all over the UK with DJs like Mr Bongo, Skream, Eats Everything and even Derrick May having played everything from techno to disco, bass to garage. 

“I try and make the club like a party in a front room of someone’s house, so we build a big oversized living room with all the crap that goes with it,” he says of how his party transforms clubs into more intimate and homely spaces. Next summer the party will even spawn a festival which, promises Smith, “will be a bit different to other festivals and is going to be a huge party, outdoors, with one stage and a couple of DJs so we can all party together as a family.“ KRISTAN CARYL


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