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“The weird thing with a festival is 99% of the time it’s all just on your laptop. It’s not real,” explains Jaymo who, along with fellow Moda Black boss type Andy George, runs Lost Village, DJ Mag’s Mag’s Best Boutique Festival for 2017.

“Only during the three days when the event is actually happening does it become anything more than ideas on a laptop, or conversations with agents. So it’s quite a surreal process. It’s a very creative project for me and Andy, too. It’s not just a festival for a festival’s sake, there are so many different elements that go into it.”

Held in a secluded Lincolnshire location, after just two instalments Lost Village has cemented a stellar reputation not just for its forward-thinking line-up — which in 2017 included everyone from fellow BoB winner Or:la to rising Russian techno dame Julia Govor, De La Soul to Telefon Tel Aviv — but also overall spectacle. From sumptuous feasts to immersive theatrics, incredible stage production, and secret corners awaiting discovery, it’s a complete antidote to the old marquee + field + burger van format. And it works.

“We were always clear we didn’t want to emulate other things out there,” Jaymo continues when we ask about the key to the still-young weekender’s success. “We also always try and bring as much as possible each year that’s new, so last year that involved introducing lots of secret areas, which worked really well. It’s about keeping people on their toes.” MARTIN GUTTRIDGE-HEWITT


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