Bespoke British made clothing label Desen-Proje Debut their first collection

Young Turkish designer Engin Şukru Mehmet has launched his first debut collection for Desen Proje (Turkish for design project), which features modern interpretations garments that once belonged to his family members.

Mehmets’ love vintage clothing, and the frustration not being able to find items with the correct fit, spurred the designer to create his own range clothing. Using his knowledge cut and sew, combined with his love for vintage clothing, he mocked up patterns in his home Hackney, London which he used to reconstruct garments from his dads wardrobe.

After taking qaulity into careful consideration his, next steps included two years arduous sampling, in order to obtain luxury fabrics and hardware to construct pieces to a high standard, these include Italian cottons, silk, leather and RiRi.

The result, is a luxury streetwear collection, consisting simple, functional garments and accessories including cotton corduroy bomber jackets, heavy cotton work shirts, terry cotton joggers and heavy duty hand luggage, which are all made-to-order within the UK.

For more information or to shop the first collection head over to the .

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