Bedroom Producer Lands Wiz Khalifa Feature for New Future Bass Smash

Midsplit just crushed the game with a new Wiz Khalifa collaboration that’s super fresh and hella relatable!

Working over Midsplit’s big bass and hip hop-inspired beat, Wiz cuts into a hook with some real feelings attached. We all know it’s hard to break out our comfort zone and we all experience being stuck at times. This song is about that.

I’ve been hustling like every day
Doing time on the grind, tryna make it pay
I’m still posted on the same block
Same hood, still ducking from the same cops

Well, maybe we’re not all running from cops, but this line is incredibly real…

Sometimes I pray to God I’m dreaming, but I ain’t
Tryna get out, but I can’t, damn

Honestly, we weren’t ready for this collab but we’re damn sure glad it happened! The dynamic between Midsplit and Wiz Khalifa is so much fun to listen to!

Midsplit & Wiz Khalifa – Same Life

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