Bassnectar Ignites Controversy with Reddit Response to NYE Complaints

Any public figure – whether it’s a person, corporation, artist, athlete, celebrity, etc. – will at some point face public criticism from fans, publications, or even just plain haters. It’s an inevitability being in the public eye and being visible and known by a diverse and wide group people.

One the most polarizing figures the dance music community is none other than one its most positive members: Bassnectar. There are various reasons for his perceived divisiveness, from the actions a select portion his fans to his outspoken political ideologies, but it is a public figure’s response to criticism that is most revealing about their character.

It seems that while Bassnectar and his team believe that their NYE show in Atlanta went f with very few hitches, his fans have been a bit more vocal about some things that needed improvement. In response to fan criticism, a member the Bassnectar team put out a response on the ficial Bassnectar subreddit. It hits on every point fan complaints and criticisms: security, water, healthy & safety, and music & art.

However, one line permeated the message, and we’re paraphrasing here: “Don’t publicly criticize us. If you have complaints, do it privately in our email.”

The responses to this sentiment are especially critical.

These are course only a small selection the overall comments, but a fair representation how many are reacting to the Bassnectar team’s ficial response. Bassnectar himself responded to many concerns and replies, and you can view his account and all his responses . The subsequent responses from the team member who posted the message originally were comparatively .

And none this should take away from the fact that Bassnectar and his team consistently do everything in their power in order to give fans the experience a lifetime. This line from the message in particular represents that zeal perfectly: “Also, we will press any venue where we host a gathering to over-staff their vending and concessions. This is a constant wrestling match with any large venue, just trying to squeeze out the most A+ service for all attendees. We always work tirelessly to do this and always will.”

Read the full message from the Bassnectar team to the subreddit below.

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