Barkin Kicks Off 2023 With ‘Move My Body’

Off the heels of his debut release year, Barkin returns to 2023 with his first track of the year. ‘Move My Body’ is a groovy and funky Bass House tune. It features seductive vocals and mind-bending drops.

The track kicks off with magnetic female vocals pulling you in. She tells a story of a dark setting with love and dancing in the air. She is losing herself to the music in the night. As tension and energy begin to rise we are brought into the funky bass filled dropped. A fake-out out teases us of the inevitable release. 

While both drops are unique to each other, the same pitch-bending synth is present. The sound creates distinctive yet fluid grooves constantly moving around the sound spectrum. This track takes you on a journey most fit for a mind-altering state. You may feel you are at the center of a festival. Prepare to move your body with someone special.

Barkin had this to say about the track:

“While creating this track I had festivals in mind. They make me feel like I am not on this planet. ‘Move My Body’ simulates what it is like to walk around a festival listening to all the amazing music and seeing all crazy sorts of things.”

Make sure to check out ‘Move My Body’ below!

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