In our new Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's selector is Gregor Tresher. 

Check out the reasons why he selected the tracks and the full playlist below.

Gregor has just released his album titled 'Quiet Distortion’ check it out here.

1. Global Communication - 14:31 

'The blueprint. An thoroughly incredible track. I´ve must have listened to it a hundred times and it still gives me goose bumps every single time.'

2. Aphex Twin - On

'Just one track in Aphex Twin´s outstanding back catalogue, this one just never gets old.'

3. Swayzak - Doobie

'Used to play this a lot back when it was released, a track that definitely stands the test of time.'

4. Ruxpin - I Saw Her Standing There

'Music from one of my favorite artists from Iceland. There is A LOT of music to discover if you don´t know Ruxpin yet.'

5. Petar Dundov - Oasis (Music Man)

'Nothing less than amazing, one of my favorite tracks ever. '

6. Krøm - Clarity

'I can only recommend to listen to the whole album here. An amazing piece of work, again by artists from Iceland.'

7. Sensorama - Echtzeit

'Still remember when I saw the video for the first time and how cool and different it was from everything else on music television at the time.'

8. Depeche Mode - Soothe My Soul (Gregor Tresher Soothed Remix)

'A remix I did for my favorite band.'

9. 51 days - Paper Moon

'Such a masterpiece. Beware that clap coming in halfway through, it will make you jump up and dance...'

10. Aural Float - South Of The Clouds Pt. 2

'A wonderful track by Aural Float, check out the whole album.' 

11. Ripperton - Zugunruhe (Daniel Stefanik Remix)

'I especially always liked the arrangement in this remix, because it´s different from the regular build-up and down. Oh well and the melody is just breathtaking.'

12. Johannes Heil - From Within

'A track by Johannes that has been released on my label Break New Soil, one of the most outstanding releases in our short history.'

13. Gregor Tresher - Give It All Away

'The closing track from my new album, this one wasn´t made for the dancefloor, so I guess it might fit into this playlist :)'

14. Mathew Jonson - Typerope

'I´ve been a fan ever since the release of this amazing piece of music. Something to check out if you only got to know Mathew Jonson´s music through Decompression and Marionette.'

15. Cold - Strobelight Network

'Reminds me of good times on the dancefloor, a perfect closing track.'

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