In our new Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's selectors are Catz 'N Dogz. 

Ahead of their upcoming EP (Out Friday 27th of May) we asked the Polish duo to select tracks for our 'Back To Yours' playlist, here is what they had to say on their selection.

'We wanted to choose few new ones and few old classics. Always when we play we don’t really focus to play unreleased or very new music, It’s all about how the vibe is and what we feel at the moment. Afterparty for us doesn’t mean that it has to be only weird and drugy music because sometimes at the after parties the vibe is better then in the actual club.'

Brooks - Clix

It was always for us one of the most important tunes. We’ve been playing it since 10 years and it never goes out of fashion.

We put it of course to our Essential Mix few years ago. Wish Brooks would make more music. 

Joss Moog - Forever Pimpin

Another memory from after hour. This time in Melbourne Killing Time. This one you really have to play in a right moment but when you do it goes off :)

Sneaker - Haunted Samba 

Wow…how to even start about this one….defo one of our favorite records since few months you can play it on in big or small room, it’s so pure and simplebest tool.

TCB - 2nd Touch (Roman Fluegel Remix)

Does after hour also mean going back from the gig by car with friends? well if it does then this one is perfect example.

DCNT - Strawdraw 

Just recently discovered that this is actually our old friend Franklin Da Costa. If you let this one play till the end it does the job. 

Fatima Yamaha - Half Moon Rising

Played this one on after hour at Sisyphos last month. It’s one of the records that is actually really bad mixed cuz the club is way to loud but that’s why it has this characteristic sound and edge to it.

Lopaski - Apollo 13

Perfect groover. We’ve been playing Lopaski stuff since few weeks. Not really into techouse stuff like this but his music really stands out and has something weird and interesting. 

Ma Spaventi - Missing Sunlight

Bought this one recently at Hardwax and just can’t get over it. It’s one of the tracks we wish we would be able to do :))

Ron trent - Morning Factory

This one has to be on the list because weirdly even though it doesn’t sound like you can play that record in front of 3 thousand people after hour in Argentina.

Also still many young DJs don’t know it, because we keep on get “Track ID” about this one.

Avanto 3 - Star Butchers (Darling Edit)

You can listen to this one on repeat for few hours.

Mosca - Suckle

This one is some sort of journey from house to electro all in one track

Azuni - I Feel You

A lot of good memories. Endless Ibiza after-hours somewhere in the middle of nowhere :)

Metro Area - Atmosphrique


Schatrax - Restless Nights

Another tune that you can just listen on repeat forever.

Solieb - Isotropy

Don’t think a lot of people know about this one. but its SO good!

Stream Catz 'N Dogz 'Back To Yours' mix below.   

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